Lightscope spend analytics

Lightscope is an Oxford Informatics product developed with a team of procurement professional and academics.

The Lightscope app was born from the observation that many of the mid to large scale companies that we are in contact with, had no straight forward way of analysing and optimising their spend, storing contracts or understanding supply chain risk.

What if we could devise a simple, cost effective tool that could change that?

Working closely with a team of procurement managers and academics from the Said Business School, Oxford, the Lightscope application was devised, tested and brought to market.

Using the latest data compression algorithms and in memory processing, we think it goes one step further in analysing data and addressing the questions that procurement and spend management professional need answering.

We’re committed to ensuring the Lightscope product continues to be one step ahead of the curve.  As part of Oxford Informatics product philosophy, we are constantly drawing on emerging technology and industry thought to improve and extend the product, evolving with the needs of our clients and maintaining our position at the cutting edge of spend management analytics.

Todd Collinson, Founder and CEO of Oxford Informatics

Todd Collinson
Oxford Informatics